Numbers in Russian

Once you start to learn the russian language, you probably will start with the russian alphabet, the numbers in russian and some easy vocabulary.

Here you find the numbers in Russian.

Russian Numbers from 1 – 20

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Let’s start with the easy but most important numbers from one to twenty.

Number Russian English
0 ноль zero
1 один one
2 два two
3 три three
4 четыре four
5 пять five
6 шесть six
7 семь seven
8 восемь eight
9 девять nine
10 десять ten
11 одинадцать eleven
12 двенадцать twelve
13 тринадцать thirdteen
14 четырнадцать fourteen
15 пятнадцать fiveteen
16 шестнадцать sixteen
17 семнадцать seventeen
18 восемнадцать eighteen
19 девятнадцать nineteen
20 двадцать twenty

Russian Numbers 10-100

Once you now the easy numbers from 1 to 10, you are able to easly write/create higher numbers in russian.

For 63 you need the words “six” “ten” and “three”. In Russian: шестьдесят три.

Number Russian English
10 десять ten
20 двадцать twenty
30 тридцать thirty
40 сорок fourty
50 пятьдесят fifty
60 шестьдесят sixty
70 семьдесят seventy
80 восемьдесят eighty
90 девяносто ninety
100 сто hundred

Russian Numbers 100 – 1000

Now I want to show you, the russian word for hundred and how to write Three-digits-numbers in russian.

If you want to write 157, you will need the russian words for 100 + 5 +10 + 7.

That means,157 in russian is: “сто пятьдесят семь“.

Number Russian English
100 сто one hundred
200 двести two hundred
300 триста three hundred
400 четыреста four hundred
500 пятьсот
five hundred
600 шестьсот
six hundred
700 семьсот
seven hundred
800 восемьсот
eight hundred
900 девятсот
nine hundred
1000 тысяча thousand

Russian Numbers 1000 – 10.000

As you will see, watching the 1000’s, the first one – 1000 – ending with an “a” , 2000, 3000 and 4000 ending with “и”. For 5000 and upwards you only need “тысяч“. So for expample, 1982 in Russian is: тысяча девятсот восемьдесят два.

Number Russian English
1000 тысяча one thousand
2000 две тысячи two thousand
3000 три тысячи three thousand
4000 четыре тысячи four thousand
5000 пять тысяч five thousand
6000 шесть тысяч six thousand
7000 семь тысяч seven thousand
8000 восемь тысяч eight thousand
9000 девять тысяч nine thousand
10000 десять тысяч ten thousand

Russian Numbers 10.000 – One billion

Last but not least, big russian numbers – you will need that once you start to read russian newspapers or watching russian tv.

Number Russian English
10.000 десять тысяч ten thousand
100.000 сто тысяч hundred thousand
1.000.000 миллион one million
10.000.000 десять миллион ten million
100.000.000 сто миллион
hundred million миллиард
one billion

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