Russian phrases and cases

You have probably read our article on russian feminine noun declension. Now you will find an example phrase for every case. The number in front of the russian phrase indicates the case that has been used. In blue color – the russian feminine noun and adjective.

Russian Example phrases

1.Красивая лампа стоит у меня на столе.
2.Это провод красивой лампы.
3.Этой красивой лампе мы повесили новое украшение.
4.Мой друг унёс мою красивую лампу.
5.Своим родительям я хвалюсь своей красивой лампой.
6.Я делал доклад о красивой лампе.

Translation from Russian into English

1.A beautiful lamp stands (at my place) on the table.
2.This is the cable of the beautiful lamp.
3.On this lamp we hung on new jewelry.
4.My friend has taken my beautiful lamp. (Without permission)
5.I am enthusiastic (talking to my parents) about my beautiful lamp.
6.I made a presentation about the beautiful lamp.