Russian Language books from Russia

Once you arrive in Russia (or a friend of you) I suggest you the following books to improve your russian and to learn more about Russia. The good news – most Russian Language books are very cheap in Russia.

Books about Russia

Russia for Beginners – A Foreigner’s Guide – The Moscow Times – 857 Rubles

Learn more about Russia from the perspective of foreigners who started Business in Russia.

Russian Grammer Books

Какой падеж? Какой предлог? – Величко/Башлакова, 209 Rubles
Глаголы движения – без ошибок – Скворцова, 193 Rubles

Вперёд – О.В. Головко, 312 Rubles
В россию с любовью – М.Н. Аникина, 215 Rubles
Мои друзья падежи – Л.Н.Булгакова, 219 Rubles

Чистая грамматика – Е.П. Ласкарева, 576 Rubles
Русские глаголы – Скворцова/Чумакова, 265 Rubles

Russian Grammar Table/Posters

Настенные таблицы по грамм. русск. языка, Глагол (выпуск II) – Гадалина – 487 Rubles
Наречия Учебная грам. таблица – Голубева – 95 Rubles

Russian Children’s Books

Тимур и его команда (Timur and his friends) – А.Гайдар – 120 Rubles

Still very famous children book written during the Soviet Times.

Reading Russian Books

Я читаю по-русски. Книга для чтения со словарем – И.к. Гапочка – 131 Rubles

This book is a good start as difficult words are translated into English.