Russian women – Painting vs. Reality

The first picture is a paiting you can find in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg – the name of the painting is “Russian Women” ;))) Now let’s have a closer look on what you can see on the street of St.Petersburg

Russian anti smoke campaign

Here some pictures of the last russian anti smoke campaign – especially the first picture was widely discussed as being to offensive. I don’t know if anybody stopped smoking because of this picture…

Eating icecream the whole year

I took this picture in march, during my trip to St.Petersburg. It was freezing cold outside, but still could you buy an icecream on the streets. Look at the woman selling the ice cream, she wears a thick winter jacket – not very convincing for potential ice cream buyers 😉

Одна за всех – One for all

This funny comedy from russian tv is playing with the stereotype of blond tuned russian woman.

How many Vodka shelves in a russian Supermarket?

Here some pictures I took in a big supermarket in moscow – just to show you how many different types of vodka are available – beware of the vodka under 100 Rubles!

Russian mobile phone decoration

I saw this girl in the moscow metro and asked her if I can take a picture of her mobile phone decoration – which made me smile 😉

Security check at Moscow University

If you want to enter moscow university, you need a valid student card and you have to pass the security control. One of these security controls take place in a small one-room-building in front of the MSU building. Thousands of student pass there every day and guess what – the doors to this small building […]

Construction workers in St. Petersburg

I worked myself a year as a construction worker – good old memories – here a picture I took in St.Petersburg – one is working – 9 are watching 😉

How to send parcels to Russia?

Did you ever send some stuff to Russia? Anything got lost? Than this may be an explination: Earlier this year I traveled to St.Petersburg and walked down the main road – Newski Prospekt and I could see a parcel in the dustbin: I asked myself – why there could be a parcel in the dustbin […]

In Russia – everything is bigger ;)

If you ever come to Russia, you’ll probably visit the Kreml in the center of the city – where you can find these historical souvenirs – as my russian friend always says – in Russia everything is bigger…